"Some of these people are sadly no longer with us, and the world is a less joyful place without them.  But they will never be forgotten.......... at least not by me or my generation!"                                                                                                                                              Maggie

Maggie Moone
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With Les Dawson
at my birthday party
Norman Wisdom
With Songwriters Don Black and Geoff Stephens
at the launch of "Dear Anyone" Greenwood Theatre
With Des O'Connor and Lulu
with actress Dora Bryan
 Anne Charleston
Lionel Blair
Kenney Jones, Maggie, Jeremy Beadle
Jim Davidson
Russ Abbott, Bella Emberg, Maggie
during an "Annie" sketch
Eric Sykes
With Pet Clarke in Paris
Lionel Blair
Roy Walker, Maggie, Richard de Vere and Norman Collier
North Pier, Blackpool
Jess Conrad, Maggie, Anita Harris, Mark Rattray
Maggie with Mo Rivers
former singing partner
With Lord Delfont
John Inman
Danny La Rue, in MIami
Former MP, Roy Jenkins